Manual Fruit Juicer

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Make delicious and healthy fruit juice instantly!

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  • Cold press juice the way you like it, works with both fruit and vegetables
  • Heavy-duty, solid, and sturdy making it a great value!
  • The manual juicer process can retain the nutrients in the fruit
  • Maximum juice output – the fruit is not wasted as the design allows it to be fully squeezed
  • Pour juice with ease -The V-shaped juice outlet allows the juice to be easily poured out into a glass or cup
  • Natural and fresh – Cold press juice with no electricity needed
  • Easy to clean  The main parts are detachable for convenient cleaning saving time and effort. DO NOT put in dishwasher. It is easy to clean with a quick wipe and rinse out

Easy pressing: Uses the principle of leverage structure design so it is easy for anyone to press the handle down. Squeeze juice with low effort. The leverage also gives great compression and efficiency in the juicing process making it cost-effective.

Sturdy and durable: Effortlessly delivers good pressure to properly squeeze the juice out of the fruit. Smooth and comfortable handle with good grip. Strong and solid aluminum alloy material ensures it’s built to last and won’t bend, making it a great value.

Excellent capacity: It’s capable of holding a whole lemon! Perfect for any kitchen or bar and a great choice for a gift!

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Weight 1 kg


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